How to enable showing the `##` headers in default editor?

In that way, one can have a better idea of what the markdown one edits.

## Header

Any ideas on how to enable this, like in the legacy editor?

Have you searched the forum? I know the ctrl+click thing has come up before.

Also, I think you’d have better luck posting these as 3 separate questions. That way people can tell from the post title what you’re looking for and the discussions are more focused.

@CawlinTeffid, thanks for your advice; I found the ctrl+click issue Setting to turn off single-click link functionality within Live Preview Mode - #15 by danielw

I’ll modify the question

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The easiest way to show the heading markings is to use Source Mode.

If you don’t want to do that (it changes other things, too), you should be able to use a CSS snippet. I don’t know the details of how to do what you want, but I think it’s come up before (try searching for how to show Markdown or markup or syntax). But you might want to wait — the default theme is changing soon (already changed in the Insider builds), which may break old solutions (but it’s meant in part to make CSS stuff easier, so that’s nice).

You can do this with a CSS snippet. This one works with the new 0.16 theme. If you use it on 0.15.x, you’ll need to modify it because it uses vars only available with the new theme.


It worked! thanks! you’re my hero.

I’m almost able to move to live-preview


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