How to enable Obsidian-git toolbar in the right hand side

Things I have tried

  • Tried to enable the toolbar of obsidian git in settings
  • tried googling

What I’m trying to do

Earlier, before the latest update i had the Obsidian-git extension toolbar in the right hand side pane, with vairous buttons like commit, pull, push, add, etc, along with the list of all the affected files.

But in the latestupdate that pane went off, I dont remember where I enabled that last time, but i would very much love to have that back.


Please improve documentation about the usage or add a better tutorial, this is confusing for me, a person who spends entire life on git or docker, imagine the situation of people who are new to that.

Apart from that, just wanted to say, the software is brilliant

Just ran into this myself, was setting up a new mac pro. You need to drill into the command palette (button/icon on far left) and enable/click:
Obsidian Git: Open source control view

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