How to embed remote images in notes?

Hey guys,

Any idea about how to embed a remote image (hosted on Dropbox, for example) in a Obsidian note?

I tried several codes here, including the ones present in Obsidian help docs, without success.

Thanks in advance.

The format you need is mentioned in the Developer Notes of the embed files docs: ![Image](link.png)

Getting a link that works highly depends on the host. The embed files docs mention doing a search for how to embed based on host:

If you want to embed a website, try searching for “{website} embed iframe”.

Dropbox recommends using their Embedder, which requires creating a Dropbox app.

For now, the force render URL still works with something like this:


imgur works with the Direct Link:


But hotlinking may be considered as using imgur as a CDN, which violates their TOS.

imgbb also includes Direct links that work and seems more open to hotlinking:


Host limitations aside, this format is the way to go: ![TEXT_HERE](URL_HERE)

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Thank you very much. I’ll take a look.

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