How to embed a structured debate into obsidian?

Has there something already been developed to embed a debate with arguments (and arguments regarding the arguments) into a markdown format with internal links?

Kialo (Here an example discussion) has created such a system already on their website. I’d like to have such a system in plain text files instead of in a browser.

Can the LYT framework be used for that somehow?

I don’t think there is something quite like what you’re searching for, but I suppose you could integrate it into the LYT framework. I think I would make the first note, make a table in it to separate visually the arguments like on Kialo. Each argument, if concise, could be a page in itself.

You could make a template of the table for other arguments or theme.

This topic continues here: How would you build a personal “kialo” tree of points & counter-points on a topic?