How to embed a search field from obsidian or omnisearch plugin into a note

Is it possible to have the search field of obsidian or omnisearch plugin in a note?


I have a note as a homepage (homepage plugin) so I could easyly search from within the note.

What I have found:

When I use “select commands that will be executed when opening the homepage” in homepage plugin

I immediately see this on PC

But I do not always need the search field. On windows, I can simply press to get rid of the search field. But this does not work on Android with the obsidian app.

Sure I could press the button of omnisearch at the right side of the bottom,

but including a search field would be better.

With a key binding, I can insert below the YAML block multiple search queries with regular expressions.
I started out here, then finished up here.
No need to use Omnisearch (which doesn’t handle regex, either).

Then I have a Dashboard canvas (sort of like a home page) which shows 6 DataViewjs queries.
One of them queries the whole of my vault for files that have transcluded sections but missing the tag containstransclusions):

// Define the regular expression for embedded content
const regex = new RegExp("!\\[\\[.*?#\\^.*?\\]\\]", "gi")

// Query all my pages and crawl their raw data content
const pages = await Promise.all(
	.filter(page => !page.file.etags.includes("#containstransclusions"))
    .map(async (page) => {
        const content = await;
        // Map pages to a custom object
        return {
            count: (content.match(regex) || []).length

// Render the result table
    [`Note`, `Missing tags`],
    .filter(p => p.count)
    .sort((a, b) => b.count - a.count)
    .map(p => [, p.count])  
  • Anybody running this will have all their files with embedded material on display as probably nobody will have the same tag as me.

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