How to easily link pages

Hello everyone!

I have created over 3000 pages that I need to connect/link them all in one page.

Is there any easy way? Than following the same pattern again and again . [[name]] and link all the pages one by one?

Thank you all !!

What I’m trying to do

Hi @MantisSachlas, you can use Obsidian search for that.

Simply search for the notes you want (you may try //, an empty regex, to match all of them) and click on “Copy search results”


Then, you can configure link style and list prefix to fit your needs.

If this task is too manual, or you need repeat it on a daily basis to add new notes, I recommend you to check the Text Expand community plugin.

No sure if this is what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the suggestions

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