How to Drag and Drop Local Alias into Vault (MacOS default is Command+Alt)

Things I have tried

  • Searching like crazy on Google and here

What I’m trying to do

On MacOS, I typically am able to instantly create an alias for a file by holding Command+Option while executing the drag and drop.

I am trying to create an alias in this manner by dragging and dropping directly into the Obsidian File explorer, but all it wants to do is make a copy of the file.

It works as expected in Finder, but not in Obsidian.

Here’s the part that’s been driving me absolutely mad though - I used to do this in Obsidian all the time! I have many aliases in my vault that were created by precisely this method. I hadn’t made one like this in a while and when I went to do it today, it just refused to work, only creating a copy of the file rather than just a typical alias.

Has something changed that I am not aware of? Am I misremembering how to do it?

Stranger yet - I know I have seen other users talking about using this same exact method with Obsidian before as well (though I don’t recall if it was here in these forums or on the Subreddit). And yet, despite my best use of search operators, I find nothing.

Any help is appreciated.

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