How to display "Week of Month" in the periodic notes?

I want to display “Week of the month” in weekly notes.

eg: “3rd week of October”

I know “wo” is used for displaying “Week of the year”.

What token should I use to display, which week of the month I am writing the journal for ?

Here in the example, I want to display 4th week instead of 44th Week.

Please help :pray:.

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What says the link of “Syntax Reference”?

It has the week of the year, but no week of month.

yep, it seems there’s not a built-in token for that.

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This would be very beneficial in the instance of doing weekly notes. In my case, I create a new note per week, and in that note I have a header for each day of the week.

In my case I want my Daily Notes button to create a note titles “YY.MM - Week 1 (3rd)”. That makes it easy to know, this is the 1st week of the month, on the 3rd of Month.

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