How to display properties

I have an issue with my properties note.

What I’m trying to do

I have a lot of notes, with all the same properties : “name”, “type”, “date”.
And I want to display this properties in notes.

Things I have tried

So, when I am in the [[noteA]] and want to display properties of this note, it’s easy, I use = or =this.type
But I would like to do the same in a [[general note]] :
= [[noteA]].name
= [[noteA]].type
= [[noteA]].date
= [[noteB]].name
= [[noteB]].type
= [[noteB]].date
It doesn’t work and I tried various way to do it but no success !
Can anybody help me ?

Thanks so much in advance !

Try using this format: `= link("noteA").name `.

Thank you very much ! it works !

just wondering : I want to have this kind of list :
= link("noteA").name .
= link("noteA").date.
= link("noteA").type.

Is there a way to ask something like ?
= link("noteA") : name date type .

But maybe I am asking to much !

Not sure if this work, but maybe:

`= list(link["noteA"].name, link["noteA"].date, link["noteA"].type)`

But it’s kind of a strange way of doing it…

Maybe this would also work for you:

`= extract(link["noteA"], "name", "date", "type") `

Thanks ! but it doesnt work.

I tried the both ways :

= list(link["240208_TEST"].Titre, link["240208_TEST"].date, link["240208_TEST"]. genre)

I get :

Dataview (inline field ‘list(link[“240208_TEST”].Titre, link[“240208_TEST”].date, link[“240208_TEST”]. genre)’): Error:
– PARSING FAILED --------------------------------------------------

1 | list(link[“240208_TEST”].Titre, link[“240208_TEST”].date, link[“240208_TEST”]. genre)
| ^


variable identifier

= extract(link["240208_TEST"], "Titre", "date", "genre")

it diplays this :

Titre: -, date: -, genre: -

I would really like the second way, if it works, because I just have to write once the name of the note.
And since I have a lot of notes to display, I could juste copy and paste and change once the name.

But I tried to make modifications, but without success !

Do you have an idea how to do it ?

Thanks again !

Oopsie… that was not meant to be square brackets, but ordinary round brackets.

 `= extract(link("240208_TEST"), "Titre", "date", "genre")`
... or ...
`= list(link("240208_TEST").Titre, link("240208_TEST").date, link("240208_TEST").genre)`

Sorry for the typos, try either of these.

Great, thanks !

For the first one (my favorite, because I just have to write once the name of the note), it gives me this :
Titre: Test, date: 2024, genre: Note

Do you know if there is a way to display it like this :

thanks !