How to display label text next to interface icons?

Things I have tried

Hi! I’ve been searching the Obsidian settings for a toggle, and also searched these forums.

What I’m trying to do

Many applications with icon toolbars also display short text labels next to the icons, or at least have an option to turn such labels on or off. The infamous Ribbon interface in Microsoft Office apps is a prominent example.

I know I can hover the icon for an explanation. But as soon as I move my cursor away I get distracted and forget what it means. I want the text (or a shorter label) to stay on the screen.

If such an option doesn’t exist in Obsidian yet I strongly suggest one be added - it’s an accessibility and usability concern, and it severely hinders how quickly I’ll be able to learn the interface and actually be happy using Obsidian.

In the meantime I’m happy to learn of other ways I can hack this feature into existence (a CSS snippet? custom theme?)

TLDR there are lots of cute icons in Obsidian but because I’m new and learning the interface a lot of the icons are too cryptic.

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