How to display content from a WEEKLY planner in DAILY notes?

On Sunday evenings, I like to plan my week and have a pretty basic list I build:

  • What are my top 3 outcomes for the week?
  • What days are my FREE days?
  • What projects am I working on?
  • Who do I need to reach out to?

Every day of the week, I’d like my Daily Notes to display this “Weekly Planner” content.

Is this possible using a template? Or do I just need to include [[Weekly Planner 2020-09-13]] ? Is there a better way?

Thank you!


I’ve been doing this by using ![[Week 36 Plan]] in the daily note, so that it’s embedded. However it doesn’t display in the daily note unless you’re in Preview mode :frowning: So I’ve resorted to having the weekly and the daily notes both open one above the other in my default view. Works for me as my weekly plan is usually only 3-5 goals so doesn’t take up much space.

Really keen on being able to see embedded content/notes in the edit view (which would solve this problem and others) but that’s part of the WYSIWYG work, so we’ll have to wait a bit yet for it :slight_smile: (that’s not a slight, devs - loving your work! :smiley: )


Did you end up finding a good workflow for this? I was thinking you could put the weekly note into one of your side panes so you can see it at a glance while looking at your daily note.


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you could autocreate the embeded backlink on each daily note by using the ‘templater’ plugin.
OR you could now use the ‘workbench’