How to display asterisk* character verbatim?

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to render asterisks as normal text, e.g.:


Things I have tried

None of the following escaping strategies work:

A* renders to image
`A*` renders to image
`A\*` renders to image

No custom CSS. Default Theme.




looks alright, or at least expected, over here. Left is Source mode, right is switching between Live Preview and Reading view.

CleanShot 2024-04-19 at 19.46.13

A plugin issue? The troubleshooting steps are here: About the Bug reports category - #11 by system

I may misunderstand the problem, but the backslash should “escape” the * and cause it to be interpreted as a character:


Which renders as A*

Right, yeah. I was focused on the “Anull” bits.


with no backticks, correctly renders as A* here and in Obsidian.

This is weird. After restarting Obsidian multiple times, it now suddenly works as expected.
Not sure what to make of this.
Thanks everyone for trying to help.

Were you actually seeing “null” appear, or were you typing that as a demonstration?

If you are on an older Obsidian installer version, consider downloading and reinstalling fresh. Otherwise I agree with ariehen that it may have been a plugin glitch. Make sure to update any plugins too.

Also I’m a bit confused by what you were demonstrating with the code backticks. Were you trying to use the backticks in Obsidian, or just showing them here on the forum to try and format it as code?

And finally, whether you had backticks or not, if you had any codeblocks above that section that were using things like Dataview, DataviewJS, mathjax, mermaid, or other expression/code/evaluation languages, maybe you had a missing backtick or parenthesis or other symbol somewhere that was causing a glitch.

Lastly, another workaround would be to use the html code * to render an asterisk.