How to disable the default mermaid render in obsidian

  • As we all know, the present mermaid version in obsidian is out-of-date, I found a plugin named Kroki which based the server process your code and the response a svg to Embed into the note. Of course the mermiad userd version is latest.
  • But I wanna retain the syntax ```mermaid in my note ( the plugin allow you to set alias), however , the priority of the default mermaid render is higher than the plugin, so can I disable the default mermaid render?

Well, if you want to keep your mermaid code visible but not rendered, surround your code with 4 back ticks (top n bottom)

The version of mermaid has been updated to v10 as of the 1.4.0 insider build. If you really want to use the mermaid syntax, I would suggest waiting until the insider build becomes public.

Ok, I will wait for it!

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