How to Disable Pop-up when Selecting Images

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to hide the directory name that pops up when I click on images I copy/pasted into my notes using paint.

I tend to misclick & accidentally start typing into the directory name when working. I would also like to be able to resize and drag around images throughout my notes like word.

New to Obsiidian notes after being an avid OneNote user


hi there. not sure what u mean about directory name. perhaps a screenshot on that (with the directory name)?.

anyway, on dragging images around, that’s not possible (referring to your note on onenote and my knowledge of it’s very flexible placement of images) with markdown-based note like obsidian. your alternative is to have it placed as a float either left or right using css snippet like Obsidian–ITS-Theme/ at main · SlRvb/Obsidian–ITS-Theme (

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