How to delete unused property names?

When I started to use the new feature properties, I created some property names, and now I want to delete some unused property names, but I can’t figure out how to do this.
It seems that each property name I created is saved, although no notes are assigned to that perperty.

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This FR thread may be of interest to you:

See this bug report, which seems to handle a similar case.

Thanks, I will try.

Exactly the answer I am looking for! This is a known bug and will be fixed shortly. Thanks.

I would like to have some data management features coming in the future
I have assigned some notes with A property, and now, realize I dont need it anymore, would like to have a easy way to delete them all as easy as the unassign option.

Good point. However, some properties have ‘unassign’ greyed out. In my case, Excalidraw properties still appear, even though I have deleted the plugin, and they can’t be anassigned. Any clue as to how make them disappear ?

Solved: I had a file with those properties assigned.

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