How to delete multiple files on mobile app?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I’ve got myself in a bit of a mess using the Binary Files Manager plugin, which creates a note for any new binary file you put in your vault. It’s a great idea and just what I was looking for but the consequences are:

  • it has created thousands of notes for all the existing binaries already in my vault
  • I can only mass-delete these in Windows File Explorer - I can’t find any way to mass-delete in Obsidian
  • perhaps because Obsidian doesn’t ‘know’ I’ve deleted them outside it starts creating them again each time I open it. At the moment I don’t know if these are being generated by Binary File Manager or coming from my mobile apps via Obsidian Sync. I’ve disabled Binary File Manager so I suspect they’re syncing.
  • worst of all, this process is generating thousands of files on my iPhone and iPad Obsidian apps and I can’t find any way on those devices to delete multiple files.

I can cope with most of this by disabling Binary File Manager on all devices but am still stuck with these thousands of notes on my mobile devices. I’m on Obsidian Sync. My main vault is on my Windows PC. Can anyone suggest how to get rid of these files in the mobile app?

Let the deletion from the computer sync to the mobile devices. Then they should get deleted on the mobile devices.

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