How to define inline field with number of link

My first post on the forum.

I searched but didn’t find anyone that asked a similar question and I didn’t find it in the documentation.
If it is there, I would appreciate it if you could direct me to it.

What I’m trying to do
include several links in one Inline Field.
So the note will appear in Query if I filter by Field and specify one link or the other.
It is important that I include the inline field inside the note and not in the YAMEL.
example in “Things I Tried”

Things I have tried

test 1: the only one that working
son:: [[test]]

test 2: not working
son:: [[test]], [[test2]
test 3: not working
son:: ([[test]], [[test2])
test 4: not working
son:: [[test]]
son:: [[test2]]
test 5: not working

working when the inline include only one link
I tried

table son, father
where son = ([[test]])

I tried to change the instructions in Query in several ways.
But I haven’t found a way that allows me to require a link defined under a specific Inline field (in the example I use “son”).

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I’ll try to “traduce” your case to a more technical language.

You want to define multiple values in an inline field. In generic cases you can use two ways:

key:: "value 1", "value 2"


key:: value 1
key:: value 2

In the first case, if values are links, tags, numbers or dates, you can ignore the quotes.

Now, about the query.

When multiple values, you have a list/array. In theses cases you can’t write where key = value!
Why? Because = means equal… and equal is equal. value1, value2 ins’t equal to value1. I.e., a list isn’t equal to a single value.
For these cases you need to use the function contains, i.e., where contains(key, "value").

In your example (with links), you need to write something like

WHERE contains(son,[[test]])

It works.
Thanks very much!

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