How to deal with the same word in different notes?

I started using Obsidian yesterday and I’m completely in love.

I have a doubt about methodology:
If I have a note where I talk about cinema, and I know this is an important topic and of interest to me, I mark the word “cinema” as a link.
But then, at least one time per note, in every new note I write the word “cinema” again, should I mark it as a link again?
Eventually (once a month, for example) should I go to the “Unlinked mentions” section and link the words I left out?

Since you have unlinked mentions available to you at any time, I think this isn’t something you should be worried about yet. You can always come back to it to add more links. Removing a whole bunch of links you regret will be harder, so take it slowly.

Let the structure emerge a bit more before you worry about getting the methodology perfectly correct.

That’s all just a suggestion. If you have a structure in mind, go for it. But linking to overly general words will usually end up with a very dense network.

In this specific example, it might make more sense to make a “Cinema” note, and link important notes from there. Then you can thoughtfully curate it, or put certain notes under subheadings. You’ll build a more purposeful map of meaning than just linking to a note from any single mention of a noun. Or even include Cinema-related notes that don’t include the specific word at all.


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