How to customize the "Minimal Theme" to match the one in the documentation?


I’ve been figuring out how to customize the theme to match the one in kepano’s documentation as close as possible. But I stumbled upon the fact that no matter how I tried to change, my customization is still different from it. These followings are what I wanted to change.

  1. The home icon (and the text after it)
  2. Title tab bar (mine is a whole breadcrum instead of just a filename)
  3. A few icons on the title bar (e.g., arrows and a close x icon)
  4. The lines that indicate parent folders in the side bar in the left hand side (i don’t know what should I call it correctly)
  5. The collapse folder icon in the side bar, that looks like 2 caret symbols point each others vertically (I forgot to mention in the pictures)

kepano’s settings


I’ve read the documentation and tried tweaking the following app settings as below

  1. Core plugins
  2. Minimal theme settings
  3. Style settings

The closest result is as shown above, and still not the way I like. Yeah, I think I’m kind of OCD myself lol. I had asked this in the subreddit and someone mentioned that it had something to do with CSS stuff. If it’s the only way, could you guys provide me a brief guide on doing that to achieve the result?

Also, do you guys have any tips on how to adjust the font sizes of the headings to make it less off? (They’re not bad but I like the font size in the default theme more). I tried changing them in the Headings section below the Style Settings but I had no idea what font size would be optimal to match my use. I’m fairly new to all of this. And I know the questions I’m asking are kinda excessive and may irritate someone due to my ignorance but I’m excited to learn from you all here.

Thank you in advance and appreciate all the help!

If you mean the screenshots from the Minimal GitHub page, they don’t look like they’ve been updated to show the Obsidian v1+ interface yet.

kepano also has a “Hider” plugin that can hide/shift things around a bit.

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That means the first screenshot is picture of the older obsidian version right? I see. That clarifies why I can’t make it the same as the first one. I also have the Hider plugin installed as well and it did the job. Thanks for the input though!

I don’t recognize the first image here (is that your background with kepano’s screenshots?), but it looks like pre 1.0 Minimal. I think everything on the Minimal Github page is pre v1.0. Because of the introduction of tabs to the interface, things moved around a bunch.

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It’s not. It’s a screenshot from kepano himself. I got it from this link. I noticed that at the time he posted the image was around 1 year back. So, I think it might be true.

By the way. When I first saw your pfp, I thought it was Optimus Prime and I had to look at it again haha

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Sorry for the delay, but the Close x button on the title bar (#3) can be created by using the Commander plugin to place the “Close current file” command as a button.

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Yeah, no problem! I’ve looked into it and I think it’s a cool and fun plugin. I’ll try to learn and play with it for a bit to see if it suits my use. Thanks for letting me know!

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