How to creating links through their names

Hello all. Can you provide me with how to create links through their names when a note name is NOT the same as source-word in a text? Classic is typing [[notename, then press Tab and type “|linkname”. But in want to revert this workflow. I already have some words, so I want select any word and then press “Make link” and it only let me to choose already existed notes in a vault (or type a name for not yet existing note) - and then automatically create the rest of link-syntax. For now I must select a word, type [[ (Obsidian make square brackets around my word), then I must press Home type “|” and then type a linkname (because I want that link-name and linked-note-name are not the same). It’s annoying because I firstly type some draft text and only after I will create links on some words! So, after pressing Home and for typing “|” I change language, then type | (because on some languages the “|” symbol is only on EN-keyboard layout) and then change language again…3 PRESSES every time…1-3 words - doesn’t matter. But 20-30 words? Crap :slight_smile: Can you provide me with more easy way to create links from already existed words with it own separate names?

The Link with alias plugin might help: obsidian://show-plugin?id=link-with-alias.

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Thanks so much, you improved my productivity a lot!

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