How to create this type of a page heading?

How can this thing be created? And what’s it called?

Hello @genny6772

You ca use TOC ( in the plugins is called Dynamic Table of Content).

As long as you have created headers in your file it will automatically make that list of topics.

You will need to use the code below for that:

` ` ``toc
style: number 
` ` ``
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How about without plugin?

Hi @genny6772, the screenshot you’ve shared seems to be a MediaWiki table of contents, created from the section headings on a particular page. It’s only rendered while navigating pages (not editing them).

You can get the analogous feature enabling the Outline core plugin in Obsidian.

Then, while you are in a particular note, the outline is automatically updated to reflect the headings from it.

You can relocate it wherever you like to fit your layout. But unless you use a plugin like Dynamic Table of Content as @Zektor proposed, you may not be able to get it rendered inside the note.

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