How to create Multiple New folders

Using Terminal in Obsidian to Make Folders

So this is kind of a hack for people who are annoyed with the no hot-key or command for new folder creation, or want to do multiple folder creation, and honestly a lot more ! I learned the mkdir stuff from this stack overflow post. thanks author Mark Setchell

Because there is no new folder command or hotkey, making a lot of folders, for example if you are copying the structure of another file system, is annoying af. This lets you make a lot, exactly as you want them.

  1. Get the “Terminal” plug-in, install, enable,
  2. Use
$ cd /your/vault/path 
$ mkdir new_folder

Easy, huh!

But it gets better, you can make specific folders with the {}s

mkdir {fold_1,fold_2,fold_3}

Important: There cannot be any spaces or weird characters in the naming, you need to parse first if you are going to be pasting etc

Or ranges

mkdir {1..10}

Or conjunctions

mkdir folder{1..10}

And now the best part - Hierarchy

this part got me xcited

mkdir -p {objects/electronics/speakers,objects/furniture/tables,people/nebraska/yuka}

Anyway hope you all like that and that people who search for New Folder HOT KEY COMMAND lmao find this and can use it to make sooooo many folders.