How to create link to headings (using markdown links) that is a link to another note obsidian?

I revise my notes in obsidian slides and usually my first slide is table of content.

What I’m trying to do is

I want to create toc using markdown links as it works with most of markdown editor. I don’t use wiki links as it doesn’t works in many online editor.

I can’t create a link to one of my headings.

## TOC

- [display:flex](<#display flex>)
- [referrerpolicy](<#[referrerpolicy] html 07 anchor md referrerpolicy>)
- etc


### display:flex 

The `Display:flex` allows the element and it's children to have flex properties but the container itself stays block level element.


### [referrerpolicy](./


Specifies which referrer to use when fetching the resource

- `no-referrer`  
- `no-referrer-when-downgrade`  
- `origin`  
- `origin-when-cross-origin`  
- `unsafe-url`  

so what is the syntax to link to the ‘reffererpolicy’ heading ? so that when i hover over the link, it will show a quick preview or when click on the link it will scroll to the heading.

Things I have tried


[refer policy](


do i have (use \) to escape some character to do this. how do you escape character in the headings ?

Alright, i found where the problem is. # character in the toc link was creating this problem

so this doesn’t work:

## TOC

- [referrerpolicy](<#[referrerpolicy](./>)

but this is working:

## TOC

- [referrerpolicy](<#[referrerpolicy](./ referrerpolicy)>)

- [referrerpolicy](<#referrerpolicy(./ referrerpolicy)>)

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