How to create APA citation alias using Mdnotes?

Things I have tried

I have set up my workflow with Zotero → Mdnotes → Obsedian using Better BibLaTex plugin (Zotero) and Citations (Obsidian).

The format of the citekey is configured in Zotero as: “auth.lower + year + shorttitle(3,3)”. I like to use this format because it gives me the author, year and a short title that makes it easy to recognize and remember the document just by looking at the name of the note. So, preferably, I would like to keep it this way.

What I’m trying to do

What I would like to do is to create an additional alias that is formatted APA and that I can use as link in my vault.

For example, I have created a markdown file from my annotations from an article from Hirschhorn, “Primary Risk”, 1999. The (prefererd) name of the file becomes hirschhorn1999ThePrimaryRisk.

I would like to create an alias that says: “(Hirschhorn, 1999)”. Would anyone have an idea how to achieve this (if possible at all)?

Would anyone have any ideas of questions for clarification?

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