How to create a Table of Contents that works on other Markdown editor/platform

1.I use community plug-in Table of Contents to genereate content.But the content created by the plug-in cannot work outside Obsidian.Also, table of contents created outside Obsidian does not work on Obsidian either.

So it’s really annoying that i write stuff in Obsidian while have to spend extra time fixing problems in other markdown platform for publish.

2.Is there anyway to generate a table of contents that work universally?

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The obsidian-plugin-toc I believe you are referring to uses Obsidian specific Link to headings that only work in Obsidian & other wikilink type platforms.

Logseq also has a specific system not readable by other platforms.


I am experimenting with the Obsidian Dynamic ToC plugin instead as …

You can also add custom injection for compatibility with markdown readers such as Markor or Gitlab with the External Rendering Support setting. Such as:

You can skip individual selection and support all renderers by checking “Support all external renderers” in settings.

So far I haven’t got it to work properly between Obsidian & Markor - will post back if/when I do.

so …

I’m using the Obsidian Dynamic ToC to create the TOC in Obsidian.

In Markor under Settings | markdown

I’ve checked the TOC checkbox.
… which generates Markor’s own TOC

ignoring …

style: bullet
min_depth: 1
max_depth: 6

from Obsidian

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