How to create a menu to output a template customised by set inputs

What I’m trying to do

For background, I’m creating a watchlist of shows to watch, I’m using a big master list of tasks each with its title, a genre (e.g. (Genre::TV) ) property and a content (e.g. (Content::Rewatch)) property. I am then using dataview to create separate lists for each property.

Basically, I want to create a small menu, which has a couple drop down selection boxes and an input box for the title, which will output a task of a certain template with these parameters. Similar in function to the create task function in the tasks plugin, but ideally it would be an inline menu.
The list looks something like this:

- [ ] %%(Genre::Anime)%%%%(Content::NewShow)%% | Show Name
- [ ] %%(Genre::Anime)%%%%(Content::Rewatch)%% | Show Name
- [ ] %%(Genre::Anime)%%%%(Content::NewSeasons)%% | Show Name
- [x] %%(Genre::Dropout)%%%%(Content::D20)%% | Show Name
- [x] %%(Genre::Dropout)%%%%(Content::D20)%% | Show Name
- [x] %%(Genre::Dropout)%%%%(Content::D20)%% | Show Name
- [ ] %%(Genre::TV)%%%%(Content::Rewatch)%% | Show Name

So I want to have a small options menu that has a Genre dropdown with the options: Anime, Dropout, TV, and the same for Content.

Things I have tried

I am quite new to obsidian, and I have very little knowledge of all the programming languages that get used in different plugins. I think I have seen certain ways of doing what I want around the place, but they were in JS which I don’t understand.

I have the plugin Meta Bind which I have used in very simple cases, which creates the inline drop-down boxes that I quite like, but I am unsure how I would be able to create a single output from multiple inputs with it.

I’ve seen mention of templater as well, but again I have literally no idea how to use it so wouldn’t know where to start

Thank you for any help, from what I’ve seen I feel like this should be very possible, but I am truly just unsure where to start.

I have managed to find a solution for the most part, using templater, using <% tp.system.suggester() %> and .prompt. Making my template into a command, and then using the buttons plugin to run that command, it places it in a weird way that I can’t seem to sort out. I prefer the meta bind button design, but that places it at cursor position, and I can’t find a way to change that.