How to create a dynamic list of pages, searched by two tags?

What I’m trying to do

I have created a list of all the pages tagged with a specific tag, using the term tag:#Tag-name and adding it into a code block. So far, so good…

What I can’t work out is how to Sort the results by a second tag dimension, such as tag:#to-study AND #Investment?

Is this possible?

Things I have tried

You forgot to mention how you created the list.

Is this an embedded search query? Dataview?

Dataview has some GROUP BY functionality. Otherwise, you might consider making separate queries that filter just the second-dimension tags one at a time.

Hi - I created it with a simple query. It sounds like I need to use Dataview? I plan to get my head around the Tasks plugin first though…

Do you know if it can be done with a simple Query?

Yes, that’s what I meant above. If you don’t want to use Dataview, you might have to make a few separate queries, rather than grouping them dynamically. (I don’t think it’s possible to group dynamically with queries. It might be.)

#Tag-name #to-study

#Tag-name #Investment
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