How to create a daily self quiz in Obsidian

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I want to create a daily quiz for myself. The quiz shall consist of 5 questions, each from a different area or topic or subject. The number of daily questions should be customisable.

I should have the option to check out the questions which I solve in the day. Or tag them as solved.

Solved questions shall not repeat the next day. Unsolved questions shall repeat.

The questions should be drawn from question banks created in Obsidian. Ideally, a single page in Obsidian dedicated to a particular topic and containing all the questions. This is for the convenience of adding many questions at once by copying and pasting from different sources.

Each such page may be dedicated to a particular topic or subject. And questions in the daily quiz shall be drawn from these question banks.

It will be great if I would have the option to skip certain questions. Such questions should be sent to end of the queue.


Related thread from just yesterday. Would Anki work for this purpose?

I had thought of Anki for doing this.

But how do I get Anki to show me 5 questions , each from a different topic, daily ?

How do I make Anki repeat the unanswered questions the next day and send the answered questions to the end of the queue ?

(Maybe it can’t. I’ve only used the official Anki app, not the Obsidian plugin.)

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