How to copy image's URL without searching it?

I want to record what I eat, so I take a picture of my food.
Usually something like this:


time1: [food1](food1 picture)
time2: [food2](food2 picture)
time3: [food3](food3 picture)


time1: [food1](food1 picture’s URL)
time2: [food2](food2 picture’s URL)
time3: [food3](food3 picture’s URL)

In this way, I can easily navigate throughout the file as a whole, and view food’s picture by clicking it for detail.

However, I need to do the following steps for obtaining picture’s URL:

  1. Import picture to Obisidan
  2. Find the imported pictures in the left view <— tricky one
  3. Get picture’s URL

In particular, It’s kind of tricky to find the imported picture if I got too many files in workspace.

I’m wondering if there is a easier way to get picture’s URL? FYI, I do this on my mobile phone, not on computer.

Normally this should be as simple as any other copy and paste - or at least that’s how it works for me. This pastes the image as ![[Pasted Image]] and saves the image in a folder that you can set in the settings under Files & Links → Attachment Folder Path.

To retain the functionality described, you can simply remove the leading !, which will turn ![[Pasted Image]] into [[Pasted Image]].

I think this plugin (Copy Image and URL context menu) should be not far from what you’re looking for.

It’s much easier to find a recently imported image in a specific folder. Thank you!

However, I still have to go through the process of finding the image in the folder. This can cause problem when folder contains too many images, and I’m looking for a way that can save this process.

I notice that when a image is imported to Obsidian, it gives two options right away:

  1. Done
  2. Insert link into daily note

Is it possible to add the third option “Copy URL”?

Unfortunately, this is not what I want. I still have to find image in order to get its URL.

What do you mean by that ? If you see the image in your note, you don’t have to find it. Then, with the plugin installed, its URL is a right-click away.

The following is my daily record.

Note that I didn’t use [[ ]] or ![[ ]] but [ ] ( ) notation, where the name of the image goes into [ ] section; the URL of the image goes into the ( ) section.

That is: [food](food’s URL)

In this way, I can easily walk through the entire file, and look into the image for detail if I want.

The way I get image’s URL is:

  1. import image into Obsidian from gallery app

When I press “import into vault”, Obsidian gives the following options right away:

Normally I choose “Done”, and go to specific folder to find the imported image, and get its URL.

finally, I can put name into URL into [ ] section, and URL into the ( ) section. Done

The reason why I don’t choose “insert link into Daily record” is because this way will put images and texts all together, makes it very hard to walk through it.

I think the best way is to add another option when image is imported success.

If you see the image in your note, you don’t have to find it.

I’m getting it now.

With “Copy Image and URL context menu” plugin, I need to import image into the file directly, get its URL, and then delete the image.

By the way, I cannot get image’s URL after installed the plugin. When I long-press the image, it pop up the options.

Clicking both the first and second one “Android System” doesn’t get me the image’s URL.

Instead of starting from the photos app, you could try starting from obsidian.

I believe the command is “insert attachment”, or maybe even “insert picture/image”. This will automatically insert the image at the cursor position so you don’t have to go hunt the image down.

Since you’re on mobile, the command should be on the mobile toolbar, I think icons are a paperclip and an image icon respectively

Exactly, or even just copying an image to the clipboard (select image → Copy) and then a long tap in Obsidian → Paste should do the trick.

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