How to copy gif links from websites

I was building a note with all of the release notes posted here on the forums.

Everything was going amazingly smoothly copying and pasting the content, but I guess I should have expected that. Regardless it was an enjoyable albeit repetitive process.

On some of the gifs (like in v0.10.0), they copied and worked perfectly fine but I simply deleted the extra syntax that was used to resize them on the site. This was unnecessary within my note.

However, in just a few release notes (like v0.9.0, v0.9.2, and v0.9.3), there were gifs called “test” that did not copy as easily. This very well might be my browser settings or just normal behavior.

If anyone knows the best way to properly copy these besides the option of just downloading the gifs and locally embedding them, I would appreciate it. Mainly I want to know for future reference. In the end, I actually preferred the download and local method for my vault so that it works offline.

However, as I began writing this request, I figured in addition to my curiosity about copying these gifs, this ability would allow me to properly finish my online version of the note so I could upload it here (or in the Share and Showcase category) in case anyone else might find it useful. Of course, I wouldn’t want to upload anything incomplete.

Obsidian is so awesome and I just wanted to praise the recent improvements. I love it!

Thanks in advance.