How to copy a name of a backlink/node with context menu?

Now you have a note like the following:

[[created note]] points to a note that existed
[[not created note]] points to a note that has not been created yet.

in the edit mode, the context menu for the 2 backlinks above are different.
Feb-19-2021 00-47-55

It is not able to copy the text “created note” with context menu as there is no such an option there. One has to use the cmd/ctrl-c hotkey after the text selection.

Similar issue is seen in the graph view that I don’t know how to copy the name of a node within a graph as the context menu does not have an option for that.
Feb-19-2021 00-54-08

I don’t know if I missed something or is this a new feature?

A copy option doesn’t exist yet. You may want to submit a feature request.

thank you for your suggestion.
I created feature request here:

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