How to consistently inline Markdown images?

What I’m trying to do

Making inline images using Markdown work in all modes

  1. Drag and drop an image before the text
  2. Type some text
  3. Drag and drop an image after the text
  4. If needed, convert image links to Markdown as so, [](image path)
  5. Save
  6. All is well, images are displayed as inline
  7. Switch to Preview
  8. The inline layout from Editing view is gone, forcing everything to new paragraphs/lines

Step 6 - screenshot


Step 8 - screenshot

Things I have tried

Tested a few different methods of adding attributes to the Markdown link but nothing works. Wikilinks behave as I would like, but I can’t use them for my purposes.

i think this is theme related
i don’t remember the default theme’s behavior (i never really used it)
try a few themes and see which works…
blue topaz i remember had some settings for this (style settings plugin must be installed) but you can try other themes

I concur with Yurcee, there’s a missing piece to the puzzle.

I’d investigate a theme setting / feature or some custom CSS you have enabled that’s setting the images inline.

Thank you for your replies!

To avoid having any custom styling, themes, plugins or settings interfere, I created an entirely new vault and edited the Welcome note to contain the following

![](1.png) Typing text ![[2.png]] typing more text

In Editing view, it displays as


Switching to Reading view, it displays as


It looks like there’s something “mismatching” between Wikilinks and Markdown links(?) when it comes to displaying contents between Editing/Viewing.

I’ll test a few different themes and see if anything changes.

Ha! I think you’ve found a quirk (special present? Easter egg?) in Live Preview. :smile:

Folks usually use CSS to achieve image placement like this.

So, testing the three different modes/editing views, this is what I get:

Live Preview left, Reading view right

Source mode left, Reading view right

which looks similar to what you get, @ariehen

I’m still confused as to why, primarily, the Live Preview is inconsistent with the Reading view. I haven’t had a chance to test using another theme yet.

I’ve now tried ~15 themes (from the top of the themes listing) and only 2 affect this layout; Blue Topaz and Shimmering Focus.

They both center and force images to new paragraphs/lines in both Live Preview and Reading view.
Using these themes the Live Preview and Reading view become consistent. On the other hand, inline images can’t be used at all.

I’d wish for being able to use inline images in both Live Preview and Reading view, such that they stay inline in both and don’t force new paragraphs/lines.