How to connect 7 notes to other 3 notes without these 7 being connected to te same 3

What I’m trying to do

Ok so i have an vault for school right where there are 9 different subjects now i want to connect these 9 to other 3 notes test assignments and presentations, and i want these 9 to have their own 3 notes without having to copy and paste them over and over
is there any way to do it?

Get the Metadata Plugin and all of its required plugins. Create a Organization folder. Set file class path to the Organization Folder. Let the FileClass field alias be “fileClass” so that it won’t interfere with what you have already. Then click the + symbol on the Organization folder to create a Subjects class. Set all of your frontmatter parameters that you want.
Then, click it 3 more times to make file Classes named Presentation, Test, and Assignments. Set the parent for all 3 to your Courses File Class. Assign the file classes to the documents that you’ve already created.

I meant Metadata Menu Plugin

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