How to configure Obsidian to Möbius Sync on iPad?

I am new to Obsidian and Möbius Sync and iPad … How do I have to configure them so that I can sync from my other devices, which run SyncTrayzor?

At the moment, Möbius Sync folder path is ./Möbius Sync/Obsidian and all my files are there (On my iPad/Möbius Sync/Obsidian) synced from my Windows 10 PC.

How can I set the Vault of iPads Obsidian to this folder? I think, I have to put the right path to Settings → Files and Links → “In the folder specified below”. With path do I have to use? I can’t get it run :unamused:, so please help me.

You can’t.
Apple does not allow the app to access directories outside its assigned directory.
Read more reasons here:

Thanks to the app sandboxing on iOS you only have these options available on all devices:

  • iCloud(don’t use if you have a Windows device)
  • Obsidian Sync
  • Git (setup can be a bit technical)
  • the Live Sync community plugin(setup can be a bit technical)
  • The Remotely Save community plugin (setup can be a bit technical)

That option you are referencing(which is either Default location for new notes, or Default location for new attachements) only accept relative paths inside the vault.
They don’t care where your vault is located on disk.
The vault location can only be set using the vault switcher(swipe to the right, and then click the small vault icon on the bottom).
You can either create a new vault, or open a folder as a vault.

You can only access the sandboxed Obsidian folder in iCloud, or a sandboxed folder in Documents.

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A clear answer, thank you very much.

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