How to completely purge Obsidan on OS X and disable automatic updates?

So the latest version destroys data on my system. However, I cannot downgrade. How do I install an earlier version without the latest version immediately being installed? I can’t tell if this comes from a local cache or whatever, but I cannot exorcise it.

Deleting ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/obsidian does not appear to be sufficient. Or do I need to go so far as disabling network access so I can get in and uncheck the default setting to force upgrade to new versions?


It’s possible that chmod 000 ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/obsidian/obsidian-0.13.14.asar might have temporarily frustrated the process; we’ll see.

Does Obsidian edit/delete files when it is closed?

Do you have sync enabled?

No, sync is disabled. Edit/delete files when it’s closed? Not that I’ve seen.

The chmod seems to frustrate the process long enough that I can disable automatic updates, which seems to be the default?

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