How to completely disable toggle block?

I’m new to Obsidian. I just want to know how to disable the toggle block easily and completely on all of my files because it’s causing my regular notes (which is not a code) to turn red. Can anyone help me resolve this problem?

Are you using tabs or multiple spaces at the start of lines and paragraphs? That’s standard Markdown formatting for code blocks, and it can’t be turned off. If you don’t add tabs to lines or paragraphs, they should look fine.

Or are you doing something else and seeing code blocks?


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Thank you so much! I actually just copy pasted my notes from Notion. Is there anyway to effectively remove the toggle block from a certain part of the text? Because when I tried to delete the indentation and back ticks it affects the other notes and it just all turns into a red text or code.

Not that I know of. I believe it is necessary to remove all tabs (unless they are being used for code blocks).

Someone else might have a better idea, especially if they have also copied files from Notion.

Sorry not to be able to help more.


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Oh alright. Thank you, I appreciate it!

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