How to: Collect a list of hashtags for social media?

How can I collect a list of hashtags for social media? While not using those tags in any inside Obsidian.

If I’m understanding, you can write

`#google` or \#google

in your notes, and Obsidian won’t count these as tags.


Thank you very much.

It seems like there is no way to save a list of hashtags in Obsidian in such a way that I can later copy/paste them/it to another application.

I assume this is a limitation of MD, not Obsidian.

Ah, okay.

You could put them in a code block.


Hi @zumaxb,

You can use the Dataview plugin to list all tags in your vault, either in the entire vault or within a specific folder or note. The query should look like this:

table without id
from ""
FLATTEN file.tags as TAGS

This query will produce a list of tags, with one tag per line, as shown in this image:

Is this the result you were expecting from the TAG list, or do you need any modifications to better suit your needs?

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