How to collapse sub-tasks within a column?

What I’m trying to do

Hi I have Obsidian Tasks and Obsidian Columns installed and I’m trying to make a list of tasks I have to do within a column, some of these tasks have sub-tasks. When the code is outside of the column I’m able to collapse the subtasks but once placed inside I can’t. Is it a glitch or is there some bit of code I’m missing?

my code currently looks like this:

### jewelry pieces 

### to-do 
- [ ] model and render jewelry #jewelry #activestep #jewelryactivestep 
	- [ ] model rose ring
	- [ ] model atom ring 
	- [ ] model waterfall earrings 
- [ ] search for apprenticeship #jewelry #jewelryactivestep 
- [ ] assemble portfolio #jewelry #jewelryactivestep 
	- [ ] decide on a platform (digital website, PDF, etc.)
	- [ ] actually design portfolio 
	- [ ] complete renders of 4 best pieces  

This is what I mean by collapse btw, this is what it looks like when not in a column:
not collapsed

when I put it in a column (code seen above) this is no longer an option

Things I have tried

Reading over the obsidian tasks website, I couldn’t find any mention of it conflicting with columns.

Do regular list items (no checkbox) fold correctly in your columns? If you turn off Tasks and restart Obsidian, do your columns fold then? Can you temporarily turn off any community plugins except columns and see if the folding works then?

Obsidian does have some native understanding of tasks and checkboxes, so narrowing down the problem would be useful. Good luck!

thank you!
Regular list items do not fold correctly in columns. Restarting obsidian with tasks turned off doesn’t seem to cause the folding to work. When I turn off all the community plugins except columns it doesn’t seem to work. I think it’s a problem within the column plugin itself.

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Nice investigation! I agree with your conclusion and hope it gets fixed soon! You could file a bug report on the GitHub repo for the columns plugin if someone has not already done so.

Sorry for late entry. Anyway I disagree with your root cause finding. Heading and list folding doesn’t work in normal obsidian when it rendered as transclusion, backlinks or rendered live preview (if u put in a callout).

Folding in transclusion works only if u use NIL Hover Editor plugin.

So i guess we should do feature request to the obsidian team instead. I never raise one coz it dont really need it.

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