How to collapse several (sub)headings simultaneously in a note?

Things I have tried

I searched and searched and searched and was very frustrated and shocked that I couldn’t find a helpful page to answer this simple question. And clicking each subheading one by one isn’t what I’m looking for.

What I’m trying to do

I just want to collapse several subheadings in a note in one step.

To collapse all headings and lists, use the “Fold all Headings and Lists” command. You can do this from the command pallete by typing CTRL+P and typing “fold”:

You can also assign a hotkey to it in the Settings → Hotkeys menu. I have mine assigned to CTRL+SHIFT+. :


Thank you so much!

I can see now that the problem is with the keyword that was used for the commands in Obsidian, “fold” or “unfold,” rather than the much more popular “expand” and “collapse.”

Currently on Google: “fold and unfold headings” = 216,000 results, and “expand and collapse headings” = 23,400,000 results (without the quotes for the actual searches).

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