How to close the Advanced Table Panel after it has opened?

The Advanced Table Plugin looks great,

the “Advanced Table Panel” once opened cannot be closed
– I have tried all the possible ways that I think it might be.

I wonder if I don’t know how to close it ?
or it actually cannot?

Anyone know how to closed the “Advanced Table Panel”?


I was confused with this when I first started using Obsidian, too. It can be closed by right-clicking the icon in the right sidebar. You can also move it to the left sidebar if it’s taking up too much space on the right.

Dear all,

I finally find out that it can be opened or closedd by click the “Expand/Collapse” icon, which is located on the top right hand corner!

I would suggest to use the Advanced table icon itself to open or close its icon panel.

This is not the “Advanced Tables Panel” but simply obsidian’s sidebar. You can define hotkeys for opening/closing left/right sidebars in the settings.

If you want to get rid of a certain plugin showing up in one of the sidebars, right-click its icon and close it, as @Bluemoondragon07 already said.


In my case for the Obsidian Win10 version,
right-clicking on the left panel icon, does NOT show up a menu to remove the icon,
this make the same as left-clicking it!

e.g. right-clicking on the command prompt icon, will show up a screen to search for commands, followed by a list of available commands.

Are there something wrong in my Obsidian settings?


This is not the sidebar.

This is the sidebar and the corresponding plugin icon:


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