How to cite only with the date and excluding the author

I am using pandoc to convert my md docs to pdf.
I am using Citations plugin and zotero.
I have citations of the type (author, year) but sometimes I must cite something like author (year). How can I do it?

@sbacelar In Pandoc normal citations should be included in square brackets, with semicolons separating distinct items:

Blah blah [@doe99; @smith2000; @smith2004].

How this is rendered depends on the citation style. In an author-date style, it might render as

Blah blah (Doe 1999, Smith 2000, 2004).

A minus sign (-) before the @ will suppress mention of the author in the citation. This can be useful when the author is already mentioned in the text:

Smith says blah [[email protected]].

You can also write an author-in-text citation, by omitting the square brackets:

@smith04 says blah.

This will cause the author’s name to be rendered, followed by the bibliographical details:

Smith (2000) says blah.

For more details please see the Pandoc User Guide:

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