How to change Zettelkasten notes sequence (convert 1a -> 2a and 1a1 -> 2a1a)?

I am not using folders , just notes name indexes.
Is it possible to change Hierarhy sequence of the notes (or rename them preserving backlinks) all 3 notes with the names 1a, 1a1, 1a2 to convert them into → 2a2 , 2a2a, 2a2b accordingly → so i need to pull down them 1 level (figuratively speaking Zettelkasten language) and also add the endings (a,b)?
Thank you!

And what is stopping you from renaming them manually within Obsidian, and let Obsidian update any links?

I have dozens of sequencial chains and it is very hard not to make mistake making it manually. I need to do it for every note the same time , there is the only right way (not manually)…
For example i have Hierarchies , and need to change all their positions accordingly.

  • 1a,
    • 1a1, 1a2, 1a3, 1a4, 1a5, 1a6
      • 1a1a, 1a2a, 1a3a , 1a4a …
        • etc…

Then you don’t have “3 notes” which you started originally…

Do you know the full set of how many files you need to change?

I still changing it manually, to allow for Obsidian to rename links, is the way to go, but I would set up a search for the start of the file name to help show progress and guide along the way.

NB: Do start with longest unique part first, aka start with renaming those starting with 1a2 before doing the 1a1 , and finally the 1a.

Do you know how to setup the file name search?

I have tried “bulk rename plugin” to find using Regex all file name I need to rename , but that is not what I want → it is only changes one text to another and not helping to pull up/down all sequential chain of related notes…
So still no answer - manually not possible , cause I do it very often and it is very slow and painful…

Before you’re able to describe what you’re really wanting to do, and an estimate on how many files are affected and so on, is very hard to even start helping you. And when you don’t answer clarifying questions, it’s even harder.

If you need to do this do often you might even want to reconsider how or why you’re using Zettelkasten. It doesn’t seem like it fits with your workflow when you need to rename it so often…

Sorry , thanks for your help.
But I am searching only for auto
(bulk/batch) solution. I think many people here also have the same problem.
I am asking about someone’s experience of renaming multiple files(not one by one) maybe using VsCode or some plugin I ain’t know.

For late comers, I’m going to try to recap what I understand that you’re wanting. You’ve got files named according to the zettelkasten note sequences, and you find your self you want to move items within the hierarchy to a different position. Like moving the 1a note into a 2a2 with all of its consequences.

So given a hierarchy like the following:

  • 1a,
    • 1a1, 1a2, 1a3, 1a4, 1a5, 1a6
      • 1a1a, 1a2a, 1a3a , 1a4a …
  • 1b
    • 1b1, 1b2, 1b3, …
  • 2a
    • 2a1

You want to move 1a, 1a1, and 1a2 into the 2a structure, so you’ll get something like:

  • ???
    • 1a3, 1a4, 1a5, 1a6
      • 1a3a , 1a4a …
  • 1b
    • 1b1, 1b2, 1b3, …
  • 2a
    • 2a1, 2a2
      • 2a2a, 2a2b
        • 2a2a1? (renamed from 1a1a)
        • 2a2b1? (renamed from 1a2a)

I’m not sure if you’re talking about file hierarchy, or (manual) list hierarchy, when you want to move stuff, but I do see some issues:

  • How do you handle the now missing 1a element? Should 1b be upgraded to 1a with all of its consequences?
  • What happens to the series 1a3, 1a4, … Should they be updated to become the new “1a1”, “1a2”, and so on ?
  • You change the hierarchy from “1a1” into “2a2a”, this throws off the alternation between letters and numbers, so what happens to the previous 1a1a, is it now just 2a2aa or will it become 2a2a1? And similar for anything lower down like 1a1a2c4 what would that become, `2a2a1b3d´?!

In short, I don’t think such an operation can be done using any tools which are not written specifically for moving zettelkasten notes, and you’ve got a bunch of questions which needs answering as to how you would like such a move to be executed.

U are right:

  • i want to move items (notes chains) within the hierarchy to a different position, Like moving the 1a note into a 2a2 with all of its consequences.
  • and also u are right that maybe we need to invent special “zettelkasten index plugin” for obsidian to do so

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