How to change vault from Obsidian Sync to iCloud Sync

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to test iCloud sync by duplicating an existing Obsidian Sync vault in an iCloud folder. I followed the wiki instructions to create the vault in my iCloud drive, which created an folder containing a .obsidian directory.

I’m unsure how to migrate core and community plugins to the new vault.

Things I have tried

Nothing. I created a new iCloud vault and am looking for guidance on the next step.

Obsidian For Mac
Obsidian for iOS


A vault is just a folder (files and folders with the .obsidian folder) and fully contained. All of the settings, plugins, themes, and CSS snippets are in the .obsidian folder for each vault, so you can right-click the entire original vault and copy/paste it to iCloud Drive, or just copy the original vault’s .obsidian folder into the new vault. (Be careful not to copy the new empty .obsidian folder over the original one.)

The two things I can think of right now:

  • Make sure the vault names are different so you and Obsidian don’t get confused.
  • Double check that the core Sync plugin is OFF for the new vault in iCloud Drive.

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