How to change the Obsidian interface - arrange the main window areas differently

I would like to get a result similar to that presented in the Cinta Notes program, I highly prefer tag-based list management:

  • On the left is the tag bar,

  • On the right is a panel with a list of entries that are filtered from the general set thanks to the selected tags.

  • That’s it, you don’t need much more!

I didn’t like how clicking a tag on the right side required to move back the left side. It felt like the interface was jerky.

This is the sandbox vault, but to show how I arranged my sidebar.
Starred notes and tags above. File explorer and search under.

Tags and Search results work well together in this arrangement.

PS: I wanted to edit it for an extension, the edit button is gone, now I use the answer for this.

Here is an example of my window in Cinta Notes (this is from an old database, at that time I went to look for something better, but I still haven’t found it, if I find it better, then only in some part)

Here is a link to its native documentation, which describes succinctly what I liked about it

Managing Notes with Tags - CintaNotes help & support - Windows notes app for organizing thoughts and ideas .
Руководство пользователя - CintaNotes .

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