How to change the indentation VISUAL of nested list?

What I’m trying to do

I just recently migrated from Craft to Obsidian and I wonder if there are some ways to change the visual aspect of nested list indentation to the Craft style, so that the bullet point of a nested list line up with the text of its parent instead of showing as further indented.

Craft Style:
Craft Style

Obsidian Style
Obsidian Style

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Yes, there is a way by using a CSS snippet to change the style of lists entirely, but that requires a Lot of changes to all viewing modes, to each nesting level of lists, to each type of lists:


I managed to do it myself, but if you’d ask me to do it again I have no idea how I did it, for my CSS snippet is a real nightmare that took me days of tweaking and tinkering with just to achieve that style :no_mouth:

So yes, it is possible, but personally I wouldn’t do it again, it’s just not worth the effort at this stage of Obsidian’s limited list styling possibilities (right now it only allows you to change the numbering style of ordered lists :roll_eyes:)

Hopefully someone here can come up with some other alternative or some better way to achieve this without feeling like you’re changing the entire Obsidian styling.

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I would guess it’s easier to accomplish in Reading View, which has a more normal HTML structure than the editor.

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