How to change the icons in the mobile toolbar?

What I’m trying to do

I want to change the icons of the mobile toolbar. They are not very meaningul to me, and even worst, some of them are repeated.

Things I have tried

People suggest to use commander, but that doesn’t allow to change the icon of existing commands, which is precisely my problmem.

Yes, the Commander plugin does that. If you want to change the default icons, as a workaround try putting those commands one by one into Commander macros and then assign icons to the newly created ones.

But that is not a solution, that is a workaround, one particularly annoying because thwre are many icons that I want to change.
Also, I will end wirh duplicate commands ans elements in the toolbar (even if deactivated).

The icons seem to be shipped with Obsidian as there is no way to change them in any of the .json files.
Put up a Feature Request then if you want.

Sure I will. Thank you

While this gets implemented, do you mind giving me concrete steps? I cant make it work

I think what gino_m was saying is to make a Feature Request (FR) in Feature requests - Obsidian Forum to have the option to change the default icons.

He also proposed a workaround

Install Commander plugin.
Go into Commander > macros.
Put just the command you want to change the icon of into the macro, name the macro.
Go into mobile toolbar, put in the macro-made command.
Go into Commander plugin > mobile toolbar and change the icon of the command you just created.
Delete the original command with Obsidian icon.

You are right there will be duplicates in the Command Pallette, but as far as I know there is no other way. Also, the icon set is rather limited.

On PC, the Editing Toolbar plugin is a good option to customize one’s icons with various functionality.

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Thanks, the macro part is what I was missing. However, despite the icon is set, it appears with a question mark icon. What could be ghe reason? I already restarted obsidian.

that is supposed to be a dice icon

Well, friend.

  1. Stick to the steps in the order given (don’t set the icon when making the macro). Try redoing them. It happened to me before.
    The question mark should only stay among the list of the mobile toolbar screen, not when the icons are populated in the editor.
  2. Double check in a text editor or on PC in cmdr plugin’s data.json file. E.g.:
        "commandID": "cmdr:macro-12",
        "iconID": "separator-vertical"
  • Not sure dice is “dice” or not.
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Ok, against my intuition that was key. Now it works. It is really sad how limited the numer of icons is

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