How to change the editor font now that Live Preview broke our old methods?

Things I have tried

The old css trick (for example How to change font? - #21 by yyahn) no longer works.

Anyone know the new css selectors?

What I’m trying to do

Change the editor font in the new live preview mode. I’d prefer a monospaced font.

(BTW: I’d rather not solve this on the obsidian Discord because you can’t google for help in the Discord walled garden, so we’ll be answering and re-answering the same questions over and over from new users.)

Thanks all!

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Does this work? (Change font names, of course.)

.markdown-source-view.mod-cm6 .cm-scroller {
  font-family: 'Courier Prime Code', Menlo, 'iA Writer Mono V', 'iA Writer Duo V', Monaco, 'Courier Prime Code', monospace;


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I’m afraid this doesn’t, I add it to my font.css snippet and no changes happen, even though it should fall back to monospace, at least.

Is there an inspector I could play with?

OK found it, it looks like your selector (bottom) is being overridden by the top scroller selector?

WAIT maybe it did work? I had to restart Obsidian (not click the reload css button in settings) to get what I think is the correct solution to work.


:root {
  --default-font: 'FiraCode Nerd Font', Menlo, 'iA Writer Mono V', 'iA Writer Duo V', Monaco, 'Courier Prime Code', monospace;

Replaces FiraCode Nerd Font with whatever you like, and close and open Obsidian!

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Maybe a non-:root var could be used to scope it to editor/preview/interface? I’m done here, I like everything being fira code!

Good to hear you found a solution.


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