How to change the default installation path?

Due to the permission settings of company ‘s PC, the default C drive installation path is locked, causing Obsidian fail to install,help!


Don’t think you can change that, might need to wait for the portable version to come out. Sorry!

You could try installing on another computer, and copy paste the .exe file along with all the files in that folder to your company PC. No guarantee it would work, but I think I remember someone saying it would work?

Same issue for me at work. I can run the installer as an administrator, but then Obsidian ends up installed in the Administrator’s home, not mine.

The automated install path guesser is clever and all… but not fit for purpose.

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It works, but can’t log in my account or any actions need network, it becomes totally local note software, but also many thanks, at least I can take notes now.