How to change startup to vault choose interface

I have some vaults now, so I want to choose vault when I starting obsidian.

Depends on your OS, how you want to open the vault, and from where. On macOS (with Obsidian closed) a link or shortcut of <obsidian://open?vault=MyVault> from anywhere will open “MyVault”.

Have a look at →

I use win10, I had a official shortcut on desktop, just don’t know how to make it open my vault when I start ob. It will open the last vault I used, I prefer the vault choosing window.

@ariehen’s answer might prove too advanced. In your case, you’d just need to open another Obsidian window (“Open another vault” from ribbon) before you call it a day and close the window of the vault you were working on. Then you close the vault-picker window. Next time you open Obsidian with your shortcut, the vault picker will open.

有 are right about that. Hopefully offical can make a setup to open the the vault-picker window in the next update.

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