How to change location of existing attachments

Things I have tried

I just found out about the folders/attachments and want to move all of my existing attachments (in the root folder) to the attachments folder that I created.

I moved one attachment to the that new attachments folder, then tried to update the link by adding attachments/ to the beginning of the file name. I managed to get that to work, but now the image I want is wrapped and displays the file name above the image. I want it to look nice and clean as happens when I just paste in an image.

I forced it work by just dragging/dropping the moved png file into the Obsidian document, but then have to clean out the old stuff.

Searched for attachments and found nothing.

What I’m trying to do

Take an existing image that I have pasted into a document, move the image to the attachments folder, and then update the link to the new location.

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You should be able to choose which folder will Obsidian look for attachments. Go to Obsidian settings Files & Links under Default location for new attachments and choose the folder you want Obsidian to look for. If you move all the attachments to that folder, Obsidian should update all the links and point to said folder

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If you are using “Shortest path when possible” as “New link format”, and your attachments have unique names, then you shouldn’t even have to add attachments/ to the link. They should just continue to work, even when you move them within your vault.

Can you please paste the text of your link that is showing the title above the image? I suspect that the problem might be some formatting glitch, perhaps in the way you edited the link manually. Not a problem with the your path.

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Hah… it’s easy. In your Obsidian vault, just drag and drop the attachment you want to move into your new attachments folder.

And – I see the previous response which say the same thing – thanks!

Lovin this app!

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